About Nexiko

Nexiko is Scandinavia’s biggest and most award-winning independent production company, with offices in Stockholm (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Los Angeles (USA). Founded in 2012, the company has produced more than 80 unscripted and scripted shows for the Swedish and international market. 

Recent unscripted hit shows include the quiz show Head to Head, with an 11th season currently airing on Discovery Sweden and an 8th season airing on Discovery Norway, and 16 Weeks of Hell – a celebrity transformation reality series produced in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Nexiko's scripted department is, among other projects, currently producing the third season of Young Royals for Netflix. On the US market, Nexiko collaborates with several American production companies and independent producers.

Nexiko’s storytelling DNA is built on entertaining and engaging series with a comedic touch. Nexiko was founded in Stockholm 2012 by the two TV hosts Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson, Lars Beckung, former program director at Kanal 5 Sweden and Mikael Svensson, former CEO of STO-CPH.